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Attorney Michael M. Yalovenko represents individuals and businesses in all matters related to the U. S. Immigration and Nationality Law.

The U.S. Immigration Law is federal law, which means that the outcome of a particular case is often determined by a statute or a federal court decision applicable nationwide. Given the broad application of federal law, it is hardly surprising that many of the clients represented by this office come from different states and countries around the world.

That said, representation is always conducted taking into account the particularities of a given U.S. Embassy, or Consulate, or Federal Judicial Circuit.

Here are some, but not all, of the immigration matters handled by this office:
  1. Family Petitions: requiring both adjustment of status and consular processing;
  2. K-1 and K-3 visas;
  3. Responding to Requests for Evidence;
  4. Applications for Travel Documents;
  5. Applications for Work Authorizations, EAD;
  6. Naturalization Petitions;
  7. Applications for Extension or Change of Status;
  8. Applications for Visitor or Business Visas, B-1, B-2;
  9. Asylum;
  10. Immigration Appeals;
  11. Visa Denials;
  12. Litigation in Federal Court;
  13. Delays in Adjudication of Petitions;
  14. Green Cards and Visas for Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Representing Buyers
Buying a home is one of the most important practical decisions a person may face. There is no denying the fact that the prospect of being a home owner is very exciting. At the same time, ownership of a property entails financial investment and commitment, no matter whether you are buying a primary residence or making an investment, or whether you intend to own the property long-tem or short-term. It is, therefore, prudent for a potential buyer of real estate to consider hiring an attorney early in the process, before a costly decision is made.

At the beginning, the decision to buy real property is usually formalized by an Offer to Purchase Real Estate. This is a legal document with binding obligations for both parties. Regrettably, buyers tend to engage an attorney in the preparation of a more comprehensive document governing the transaction, a Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S), when the Offer to Purchase has been already executed without legal representation, which often limits the counsel's ability to negotiate the best terms for the buyer.

Whether you are buying a house or a condominium, it is advisable to hire an attorney who will be acting in your interests during the entire process: reviewing the condominium documents, making sure that the property has a good and marketable title for future transfers, and keeping the terms flexible in view of eventualities that may occur between the date of signing the P&S and the closing date.

Please feel free to contact this office if you are considering home ownership, be it a house or a condominium. All consultations are strictly confidential. We represent buyers and lenders seeking the most optimal rates and terms. A smooth closing is our goal.

Representing Sellers
If you are considering a sale of real property, the preparation for the transaction should begin early in the process.

Signing an Offer to Purchase your property for a particular price will require the property be sold at that price, unless the Offer is structured otherwise.

It is not uncommon for a potential buyer to aim for an agreement that would allow the buyer to back out of the transaction. While some contingencies proposed by the buyer may be reasonable, more often than not, the seller will end up being forced to return the deposit if he/she has agreed to particular terms in writing.

There is a number of other issues to consider when negotiating a P&S agreement, which are best handled by an attorney.

This office represents sellers in real estate transactions. We will be happy to handle your matter and make sure the closing goes smoothly.

Commercial Leases
A commercial lease is a contract between a business or an individual, sometimes both, and the owner of the property, the Landlord, which determines how the property where the business is located is to be used.

Needless to say, it is of most importance to have a contract reviewed and, if necessary, modified and/or re-negotiated by a competent counsel, before the contract is signed by the business owner.

Paying a reasonable legal fee often saves a business, and much more, in the future.

If you are planning to enter into a commercial lease, please do not hesitate to contact this office for a confidential consultation.


If you, or your loved one, have suffered because of negligence on the part of an individual or a business, please consider contacting this office immediately to determine your legal options. All consultations are free and no legal fee is charged until we are successful in getting you the desired and reasonable settlement under the circumstances.


In Massachusetts, trade and commerce are governed by a very extensive consumer protection statute. If you are a consumer who has been wronged by a business, please feel free to contact this office to discuss your options and determine the best way to address your situation.

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